Table 2– Number of data sets with treatment outcome categories reporting at least one patient and the proportion of the total number of data sets, with minimum and maximum proportions
Treatment outcome categoryData sets with at least one patient reportedMinimum–maximum proportion of patients reported %
Cured53 (67.1)10.0–89.0
Completed43 (54.4)1.1–88.4
Failed49 (62.0)0.2–68.0
Died69 (87.3)0.7–28.3
Defaulted56 (70.9)0.8–29.0
Transferred out31 (39.2)0.3–11.7
Ongoing#25 (31.6)0.3–66.7
Unknown15 (19.0)1.6–27.3
Success20 (25.3)6.9–88.6
Lost to follow-up10 (12.7)3.1–9.1
Stopped8 (10.1)0.8–7.6
Treatment incomplete4 (5.1)0.2–0.3
  • Data are presented as n (%), unless otherwise stated. #: still on treatment; : cured and completed.