Table 1– Sources providing data on the frequency of chronic pulmonary aspergillosis in patients with sarcoidosis
YearCountrySampling methodImagingDenominator nPulmonary cavitationAspergillomaAspergillus precipitins[Ref.]
1963USALong/retroCXR1332 (2)1 (1)ND[30]
1970USALong/retroCXR30025 (12.5)10 (4)ND[31]
1973USALong/retroCXR15042 (28)#1 (0.8)ND[32]
1976USALong/retroCXR68NS3 (4.4)ND[33]
1979USALong/retroCXR>600ND12 (2)ND[34]
1983USALongCXR103NS11 (11)ND[35]
1984USACross-sectCT100NS10 (10)12 (12)[29]
1985IsraelLong/retroCXR19750 (25)#0ND[36]
2002TurkeyCross-sectCT702 (2.9)NSND[37]
2008FranceLong/retroCT106041 (3.9)21 (2.1)ND[1]
2011USALong/retroCT427NS10 (2.3)NS[38]
  • Data are presented as n (%), unless otherwise stated. Long: longitudinal; retro: retrospective; Cross-sect: cross-sectional; CXR: chest radiograph only; CT: chest radiograph and computed tomography of the thorax; NS: not stated; ND: not determined. #: incidence of fibrosis, not cavitation, which was not stated.