Table 4– Physiological responses, oxygen saturation and heart rate in incremental shuttle walk test (ISWT) and short-form Sun-style t’ai chi performance
ISWT restISWT peakT’ai chi
VO2 L·min−10.24±0.081.07±0.280.67±0.18
VCO2 L·min−10.22±0.090.99±0.280.57±0.17
VT L0.56±0.151.18±0.320.97±0.28
VE L·min−112.25±3.5436.41±7.6124.82±7.12
fB breaths per min23±532±527±6
SpO2 %97±291±794±5
Heart rate beats per min81±13122±19105±17
  • Data presented as mean±sd. ISWT rest: ISWT at rest; ISWT peak: ISWT end test; VO2: oxygen consumption; VCO2: carbon dioxide production; VT: tidal volume; VE: minute ventilation; fB: breathing frequency; SpO2: oxygen saturation.