Table 3– List of clinical variables selected
Patient data
 Patient audit number
 Birth date
Previous history
 Current smoking status
 Comorbidities: Charlson index
 Number of admissions in the previous 12 months for COPD exacerbation
 Spirometry results available?
  Spirometry results: FVC %
  Spirometry results: FEV1 %
  Spirometry results: FEV1/FVC %
Current admission
 Admission date
 Dyspnoea increase?
 Sputum increase?
 Sputum colour change?
 Body mass index
 Any treatment for the exacerbation before admission?
 Arterial blood gas result?
  If yes, enter the actual arterial blood gas results
 Any relevant abnormality on chest radiograph?
 Treatments given for the exacerbation during admission?
 Oxygen given during admission?
 Ventilatory support given?
Clinical data upon discharge
 Inhaled long-acting bronchodilators given at discharge?
 Inhaled corticosteroids given at discharge?
 Oxygen given at discharge?
 Noninvasive mechanical ventilation given at discharge?
 Length of stay
 Death during current admission?
 Readmission within 90 days?
 Death within 90 days?
 Date of death
 Death caused by COPD?
  • COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; FVC: forced vital capacity. FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s.