Table 4– Exclusion criteria
A patient admitted as a clinical case of COPD exacerbation that is later judged to have another primary diagnostic reason for admission, e.g. the subsequent diagnosis is changed from COPD to heart failure
Any other primary cause of deterioration and hospital admission, such as:
 Pulmonary embolism
 Pulmonary oedema
 Thoracic trauma
 Pleural effusion
 Pulmonary fibrosis
 Sleep apnoea with no treatment
 Obesity-hypoventilation syndrome
 Neuromuscular pathology
 Tracheal or upper airway stenosis
 Severe bronchiectasis
 Severe tuberculosis sequelae
 Bronchogenic carcinoma or any other thoracic neoplasm
Extrapulmonary diseases as the primary diagnosis for admission that may produce similar symptoms, such as:
 Extensive cancer
 Hepatic insufficiency
 Renal insufficiency
 Cardiac failure
 Any other condition as judged by the investigator
  • COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.