Table 4– Sleep-disordered breathing and symptoms
DVT/PE casesControlsp-value
Subjects n8282
 RDI events·h−117.8±17.912.4±15.20.039
 ODI events·h−112.0±17.09.6±15.00.349
 Mean Sp,O2 %93.8±2.894.0±2.70.578
 Minimal Sp,O2 %78.5±12.281.1±9.70.125
 Snoring n (%)#50 (62)55 (68)0.411
 Epworth Sleepiness Scale score4.9±3.26.0±4.50.071
  • Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. DVT: deep vein thrombosis; PE: pulmonary embolism; RDI: respiratory disturbance index; ODI: oxygen desaturation index; Sp,O2: arterial oxygen saturation. #: data sets of 81 case–control pairs; : data sets of 77 case–control pairs.