Table 3– Characteristics of the patients and of the anti-tuberculosis (TB) treatment in the selected studies
First author [ref.]Paediatric population aged <15 yrsStandard or individualised anti-TB treatmentLinezolid dosage mgControl group
Alffenaar [47]NoIndividualised300 twice daily 600 twice dailyNo
Anger [34]Yes one patientIndividualised600 twice daily 400 twice daily 600 once daily 400 once dailyNo
De Lorenzo [35]NoIndividualised600 twice daily 600 once dailyNo
Fortún [22]NoIndividualised600 twice daily 300 twice dailyNo
Nam [46]NoIndividualised600 once daily 300 twice dailyNo
Migliori [8]NoIndividualised600 twice daily 600 once dailyYes
Park [45]NoIndividualised600 once dailyNo
Schecter [30]NoIndividualised600 once daily 600 three times a week 450 once dailyNo
Singla [31]NoIndividualised600 twice daily 600 once dailyNo
Udwadia [32]Individualised600 once dailyNo
Villar [33]Yes one patientIndividualised600 twice daily 600 once dailyNo
von der Lippe [44]NoIndividualised600 twice dailyNo