Table 3– Characteristics and thrombotic parameters of patients classified with apnoea/hypopnoea index (AHI)
15≤AHI<3030≤AHI<60AHI≥60Overall p-value
Patients n152221
Sex M/F15/021/119/2NS
Age yr43.7±12.042.9±9.744.2±11.3NS
VWFM group
 112 (80)8 (36)9 (43)<0.05*
 23 (20)10 (45)5 (24)NS
 304 (18)7 (33)<0.05#
VWF:Ag at 06:00 h %98.5±49.198.5±55.7111.3±75.5NS
ADAMTS13:AC at 06:00 h %58.1±20.255.2±21.957.6±25.6NS
VWF:CB at 06:00 h U·mL−11.29±0.39 (n=13)1.23±0.50 (n=19)1.09±0.38 (n=19)NS
Plt/Ht at 06:00 h ×109·L−1·%−10.526±0.093 (n=10)0.549±0.138 (n=13)0.561±0.087 (n=8)NS
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or n (%), unless otherwise stated. M: males; F: females; ODI3%: oxygen desaturation index ≥3%; VWFM: von Willebrand factor multimer; VWF:Ag : von Willebrand factor antigen; ADAMTS13:AC: a disintegrin-like, metalloproteinase, and thrombospiondin type 1 motifs 13 activity; Plt/Ht: platelet count to haematocrit ratio; NS: not significant. *: p<0.05 between 15≤AHI<30 and 30≤AHI<60, AHI≥60, **: p<0.01 between all AHI groups; #: p<0.05 between 15≤AHI<30 and AHI≥60.