Table 2– Frequency of end-of-life decisions in advanced lung cancer patients who died within 18 months after diagnosis of nonsmall cell lung cancer#
Patients n105
All deaths preceded by at least one ELD66 (62.9)
Withholding or withdrawing of potential life-prolonging treatment15 (14.3)
  Life-shortening not intended3 (2.9)
  Life-shortening intended12 (11.4)
Intensifying alleviation of symptoms with a potential life-shortening effect41 (39.1)
  Life-shortening not intended34 (32.4)
  Life-shortening additionally intended7 (6.7)
Physician assisted death10 (9.5)
 Euthanasia8 (7.6)
 Physician assisted suicide0 (0.0)
 Ending of life without patients explicit request2 (1.9)
  • Data are presented as n (%), unless otherwise stated. ELD: end-of-life decisions with possible or certain life-shortening effects. #: according to the physician (general practitioner or specialist) in which setting the patient died or if the patient died in another setting according to the physician who had the most contact with the patient in the last month before death.