Table 4– Baseline and end of study period values, and change from baseline to end of study period in vital sign parameters (safety set)
Vital signs parameter#BaselineEnd of study periodChange from baseline to end of study period
Subjects n103310331033
Systolic blood pressure mmHg116.2±11.7117.3±18.5112.7±17.3114.0±15.8−3.5±17.1−3.6±17.3
Diastolic blood pressure mmHg66.8±10.465.9±10.970.0±9.871.8±9.13.2±12.85.4±11.2
Heart rate beats·min−174.8±13.275.3±15.877.9±10.575.2±12.13.1±6.0−0.1±7.7
  • Data are presented as mean±sd. #: Treatment effect was not calculated for these safety parameters.