Table 3– Baseline demographic characteristics and smoking history
Nicotine mouth sprayPlacebo
Subjects n318161
Age yrs47.0±10.946.2±11.3
Sex female137 (43.1)73 (45.3)
Smoking history
–Cigarettes per day22.7±8.822.7±8.7
–Expired CO level ppm26.4±10.126.6±11.3
–Saliva cotinine ng·mL−1356±154 (n=316)349±151 (n=159)
–Age started smoking yrs16.6±3.6 (n=317)16.5±3.6 (n=161)
–Never tried to quit before37 (11.6)26 (16.1)
–0–3 months since last quit attempt63 (19.8)28 (17.4)
–Previously used stop-smoking medication(s)171 (53.8)84 (52.8) (n=159)
–Previously used NRT150 (47.2)79 (49.1)
FTND score5.3±2.35.4±2.2
Time to first cigarette
–Within 5 min of waking94 (29.6)49 (30.4)
–6–30 min after waking139 (43.7)76 (47.2)
–31–60 min after waking49 (15.4)20 (12.4)
–>60 min after waking36 (11.3)16 (9.9)
Blood pressure mmHg133±18/85±12 (n=313)132±18/84±11 (n=158)
Body mass index kg·m−226.3±5.3 (n=313)26.0±5.1 (n=160)
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or n (%), unless otherwise stated. CO: carbon monoxide; NRT: nicotine replacement therapy; FTND: Fagerström Test of Nicotine Dependence.