Table 4– Chronic bronchitis# in subjects without chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by study site
Total nProportion with chronic bronchitisAdjusted proportion+
n (%)(95% CI)%(95% CI)
 Saõ Paulo, Brazil81114 (1.7)(0.8–2.7)3.3(2.5–4.3)
 Santiago, Chile97543 (4.4)(3.3–5.5)2.9(2.4–3.5)
 Mexico City, Mexico92224 (2.6)(1.5–3.7)2.5(2.1–3.1)
 Montevideo, Uruguay70917 (2.4)(1.2–3.6)2.2(1.7–2.9)
 Caracas, Venezuela113617 (1.5)(0.6–2.4)1.9(1.4–2.8)
Total4553115 (2.5)(2.1–3.0)2.5(2.1–3.0)
  • #: defined as cough and phlegm on most days, at least 3 months per year for ≥2 yrs; : there were significant differences between Santiago and all other sites (Saõ Paulo p=0.0003, Mexico City p=0.0207, Montevideo p=0.0149, Caracas p=0.0001); overall p=0.0011; +: of persons with chronic bronchitis adjusted for age and sex assessed using the Wald test and adjusted for survey design.