Table 3– Comparison of 12 patients with multidrug-resistant/extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis treated with linezolid in Sondalo with two other recently published cohorts
Sondalo cohortMigliori [3]p-value#Villar [1]p-value
Time to sputum smear conversion days40.5 (24–64)76 (56–162)0.0101150 (60–540)0.0028
Time to culture conversion days70 (44–95)108 (56–160)0.1865180 (90–1380)0.0197
  • Data are presented as median (interquartile range), unless otherwise stated. #: comparison between Sondalo and Migliori [3] cohorts; : comparison between Sondalo and Villar [1] cohorts.