Table 3– Difference in volume from baseline to 3 and 6 months following bronchoscopic thermal vapour ablation
CombinedTreated RULTreated LUL
3 months6 months3 months6 months3 months6 months
Treated upper lobe
 Volume mL-722±607-713±618-705±617-715±653-740±611-711±597
Ipsilateral RML or lingula
 Volume mL28±10157±8438±9759±8716±10755±84
Ipsilateral lower lobe
 Volume mL275±239279±303286±235299±287263±250258±326
Contralateral upper lobe
 Volume mL42±1296±14065±13519±15217±119-7±128
Contralateral RML or lingula
 Volume mL6±57-12±527±65-2±344±48-21±65
Contralateral lower lobe
 Volume mL79±150-3±17485±165-21±16272±13316±187
  • Data are presented as n or mean±sd. RUL: right upper lobe; LUL: left upper lobe; RML: right middle lobe.