Table 3– Anthropometric characteristic and 6-min walk distance (6MWD) of the subjects by region
RegionSubjects nAge yrsMales/females nHeight cmWeight kgHRmax/ HRmax % pred6MWD m
Tenerife, Spain4057 (42–77)20/20163±1074±1481±871613±75
Zaragoza, Spain6655 (41–77)34/32165±871±1063±953510±81
Pamplona, Spain2752 (40–77)11/16163±869±1277±1067624±73
Montevideo, Uruguay4059 (41–76)20/20165±1073±1475±1460590±80
Bogota, Colombia3959 (42–77)19/20159±966±10§88±10##74632±63
Caracas, Venezuela2656 (42–71)12/14162±872±1359±12¶¶44510±39++
Santiago de Chile, Chile4060 (41–78)20/20164±970±1076±1260550±77
São Paulo, Brazil4760 (40–80)25/22165±1068±1280±1264638±95§§
Tampa, FL, USA5757 (41–74)46/11#173±11+87±17ƒ64±953535±77
Boston, MA, USA6261 (47–75)31/31166±1076±1668±957557±87
  • Data are presented as median (5th–95th percentile) or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. HRmax: maximal heart rate; % pred; % predicted; P10: 10th percentile. #: only Florida had a different distribution by sex; : Bogota with Boston and Zaragoza; +: Florida with Montevideo and Boston (p = 0.001) and other centres (p<0.001); §: Bogota with Boston (p = 0.009); ƒ: Florida with Boston (p = 0.001) and other centres (p<0.001); ##: Bogota with Tenerife (p = 0.058), São Paulo (p = 0.006), Pamplona (p = 0.001) and the rest of the centres (p<0.001); ¶¶: Caracas with all the centres (p<0.001) except Boston (p = 0.043) and no statistical differences with Zaragoza and Florida; ++: Caracas with Tenerife, Bogota and São Paulo (p<0.001), with Montevideo (p = 0.003) and no statistical difference with Zaragoza. Santiago de Chile, Florida and Boston; §§: São Paulo with Zaragoza, Caracas, Santiago de Chile, Florida and Boston (p<0.001; no significant differences with other centres).