Exposure to pesticides and respiratory problems: multivariate analysis

Exposure typeResidentialDomesticPara­occupationalAny exposure
Respiratory disease
 95% CI(1.28–2.59)(1.28–2.43)(1.13–3.02)(1.20–2.43)
 95% CI(1.01–4.42)(1.00–3.99)(2.06–10.29)(1.02–2.97)
Chronic cough
 95% CI(0.86–1.59)(0.79–1.28)(0.62–1.45)(0.82–1.33)
Chronic phlegm
 95% CI(1.03–2.45)(1.32–2.92)(1.56–4.21)(1.26–2.87)
Recurrent wheezing
 95% CI(1.85–4.05)(1.03–2.16)(0.92–2.72)(1.39–3.18)
Ever wheezing
 95% CI(1.84–3.52)(1.12–2.01)(1.09–2.74)(1.43–2.78)
  • Adjustments were made for passive smoking, sex, age, weight and body mass index, father's and mother's respiratory disease, father's and mother's educational levels, animal raising, and playing with dust

  • Residential: regional exposure or near a treated field

  • domestic: domestic use by a household member or treatment of the house and garden by a professional

  • para­occupational: occupational use by a household member

  • any exposure: residential, domestic or para­occupational exposure

  • ORa: adjusted odds ratio

  • CI: confidence interval

  • *: p<0.05

  • **: p<0.01

  • ***: p<0.001