Table 3

Subgroup analysis of general exercise reconditioning plus inspiratory muscle training versus general exercise reconditioning alone using the fixed-effect model

Outcome measureStudies nWeighted averaged effect-sizeNatural units95% CIZ-statisticHomogeneity Q-statistic
Inspiratory muscle strength PI,max60.476.7 cmH2O0.15–0.792.88**13.28*
Inspiratory muscle endurance MVV2−0.03−0.95 L·min−1−0.77–0.72−0.070.14
Inspiratory muscle endurance in s30.55164.4 s0.14–0.972.61**0.09
Functional exercise capacity 6- or 12MWD40.2054. m−0.21–0.610.950.79
Laboratory exercise capacity VO2,max3−0.17−0.01 L·min−1−0.69–0.35−0.630.16
Laboratory exercise capacity VE,max3−0.101.2 L·min−1−0.61–0.42−0.380.01
  • CI: confidence interval

  • PI,max: maximum static inspiratory alveolar pressure

  • MVV: maximal voluntary ventilation

  • 6- or 12MWD: 6- or 12-min walking distance

  • VO2,max: maximal oxygen consumption

  • VE,max: maximal minute ventilation

  • *: p<0.05

  • **: p<0.01