Table 4

Methodology of protected specimen brush (PSB) in mechanically ventilated patients 28

1. Position the tip of the bronchoscope close to the segmental area corresponding to radiographic infiltrates.
2. Advance the PSB 3 cm out of the distal tip of the bronchoscope.
3. Push the inner cannula of the PSB to eject the polyethylene glycol plug.
4. Wedge the brush in the subsegmental area or sample secretions if these are visualized
5. Retract the brush into the inner cannula and the inner cannula into the outer cannula, and remove the PSB from the bronchoscope
6. Once the PSB is out of the bronchoscope, the distal portion of the inner cannula is wiped with 70% alcohol solution.
7. The brush is advanced and cut with sterile scissors into a sterile solution containing 1 mL of Ringer's lactate or saline.
8. The tube with the PSB and Ringer's lactate or saline solutions is submitted immediately to the microbiology laboratory for processing.