Summary of three double blind randomised controlled trials of macrolides in non-CF bronchiectasis

EMBRACE: New ZealandBLESS: AustraliaBAT: Netherlands
PlaceboAzithromycin 500 mg three times per weekPlaceboErythromycin 400 mg twice dailyPlaceboAzithromycin 250 mg once daily
Subjects n707158594043
Male %293243363042
Mean age years59.060.963.561.164.659.9
Baseline data
 FEV1 % predicted at baseline67.367.170.166.982.777.7
 Exacerbation rate pre-trial3.93 (mean)3.34 (mean)Not reportedNot reported4.0 (median)5.0 (median)
 Change in FEV1 with treatment−0.040−4.0−1.6#−0.101.03#
 Change in SGRQ from baseline−1.92−5.17−1.3−3.9−4.12−12.18#
 Total exacerbations in 12 months   during trial n178109114767839
 Mean exacerbation rate during   trial (per patient)2.541.541.971.27#1.950.91
  • SGRQ: St. George's Respiratory Questionnaire. #: p<0.05 compared with placebo. : p<0.001 compared with placebo group.