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Table 2—

Table 2—

Weekly mortality and estimated total winter mortality associated with influenza virus and respiratory syncytial virus(RSV)

Age groupWeekly mortality per 100000 populationTotal excess winter mortality per 100000 population#
Period of influenza virus predominancePeriod of RSV predominanceSummer baseline periodPeri-seasonal baseline periodInfluenza virusRSV
versus summer baseline periodversus peri-seasonal baseline periodversus summer baseline periodversus peri-seasonal baseline period
0–1 yr5.
2–17 yrs0. (-0.3–0.4)+0.3 (0.1–0.7)NoneNone
18–49 yrs2. (0.2–1.2)0.4 (-0.1–0.9)+0.3 (-0.1–0.8)+0.1 (-0.4–0.5)+
50–64 yrs12.812.611.912.37.6 (5.7–9.6)3.8 (1.8–5.7)5.4 (3.5–7.2)1.9 (-0.1–3.7)+
≥65 yrs110.5105.792.998.9146.5 (140.3–152.8)96.4 (90.0–102.8)98.7 (92.8–104.6)52.1 (46.1–58.2)
  • Data are presented as mean (95% confidence interval), unless otherwise stated. #: total winter excess was calculated as the difference between rates during virus active periods and reference periods multiplied by the average number of virus-active weeks per winter, i.e. 8.3 weeks for influenza virus and 7.7 weeks for RSV;: no nonsignificant excess; +: nonsignificant excess.